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Helps named professionals understand a family’s circumstances



Transform Data View is a data platform which holds personal information about children and their families to help named professionals understand a family’s circumstances.

The platform makes it easy for named professionals to pick up the phone and have a discussion about a family or get some coaching and support, reducing the overall pressure we feel across all our services.

The data controller for this platform is Somerset Council. The council manages who can view information and makes sure that it is being used safely and appropriately.

Schools and other partner organisations such as the Police and the NHS can see some information on this platform, if they have concerns about a child or their family. Access to the platform is restricted to named professionals who have DBS clearance, such as safeguarding leads in schools, the police and named safeguarding nurses. These professionals will only access the platform if they are worried about a child or their family.

The platform provides a single view of a child and their family. This allows named professionals to quickly identify safeguarding risks and offer appropriate early help to at risk families. The platform is highly secure and cannot be accessed by the public.

The platform holds information about children and their families, including:

  • Name, address and date of birth
  • Household members
  • Professional involvement (for example, support from social workers)
  • School information (attendance, claiming free school meals)
  • Limited employment and benefits information
  • Limited police information

If you think you are a named professional (such as a school designated safeguarding lead, a parent family support adviser, a safeguarding nurse or a member of the police) and would like to request access to the Transform Data View platform, please email: to check your eligibility and proceed as appropriate.

Last reviewed: November 13, 2023 by Jennifer

Next review due: May 13, 2024

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