Benefits of becoming registered

We are pleased to offer a registration  scheme to all micro-providers in Somerset. At the time of writing there are over 1121 services that share our commitment to the Doing it Right Quality Standards.

Benefits of registration include:

Registration is not a legal requirement but there are lots of advantages.

  • Recognition and validation as an registered provider that shares an agreed quality standard in Somerset. You will be emailed a personalised confirmation certificate that you can show to customers
  • Registered on an online directory of care and support services
  • Eligibility to apply to join Somerset’s Micro-Provider Peer networks and their ‘sourcing care’ groups
  • Access to Pairly – Care Matching Platform
  • Access to work – NHS (ICB) and Somerset Council (SC) funded work opportunities
  • Registered on our online brokerage tool listing – Job matching service
  • Free or low cost training opportunities

Getting Started

Before registering you need to:

  • Build a service portfolio to evidence that you are safe, high quality and professional (documents include: DBS, Insurance, Contract, Complaints Procedure, Assessing Risk, Safeguarding)
  • Know Your Boundaries – Are Micro-providers registered with CQC? If not why not? What does this mean in practice?
  • Understand the opportunities but also the risks and responsibilities that come with being a Micro-provider in Somerset.

By completing the enquiry from below, we will send you a start up pack containing information, videos and templates to develop your portfolio and build you understanding of becoming a Micro-provider in Somerset.

If you have any questions at this point you can email us at

Pre-Registration checklist

At this point you will have hopefully completed the enquiry form and received the ‘start up’ pack to build your portfolio and understand your boundaries.

The registration form below includes a 15 question quiz which will assess your knowledge around what you  ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ legally do if your  intention is to provide physical assistance with daily living (personal care)

To successfully complete the registration you will need to be confident on the following questions.

Are Micro-providers registered with CQC? If not, why not?

Who can Micro-providers legally work with, without registration by CQC?

When can micro-providers support with medication?

Who is responsible for arranging cover for sickness or holidays?

Unless you are really confident on these we recommend you refer back to your start up pack or carefully read the Somerset Doing it Right Quality Standards. 

The registration form will also ask for your explicit commitment to all of the standards and expectations which have been co-designed with Micro-providers in Somerset.

If you are not providing personal care as part of your service you will not be required to complete this assessment.

Your questions

If you are having any difficulties or have any questions please contact the Enterprise Development Team at .

Last reviewed: December 6, 2023 by Paul

Next review due: June 6, 2024

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