This code of conduct sets out the quality standards expected of a Community Micro-Provider to join and be part of the Somerset Micro-Enterprise Programme and the Somerset Community Connect Micro-provider directory.

All members of the programme are responsible for ensuring that their conduct does not fall below the standards set out in this code and that they safeguard the wellbeing of clients.

Please note that Somerset Council cannot recommend any organisations and are not responsible for how the organisations deliver their service. The Micro-Enterprise Programme reserves the right to refuse an application or remove a provider.

The Micro-enterprise Programme Quality Commitment

As a Micro-provider part of the Somerset Micro-enterprise Programme I have confirmed that I:

  • Live and work in Somerset
  • Run or plan to run a small business, enterprise, venture or group that is totally independent, has fewer than 8 (full time equivalent) employees/volunteers that offers services or that help people improve their health or wellbeing and/or are defined as social care.

The services and supports offered by my enterprise or group:

  • Are designed to meet people’s needs and requirements
  • Value the person or people I support
  • Are flexible and responsive to change
  • Promote people’s independence and choice
  • Promote diversity and equality of opportunity

I am committed to:

  • Ensuring that my enterprise and its activity is compliant with all legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Undertake activities to which I am qualified, experienced and competent.
  • Continually improving the quality of the services and supports that my enterprise offers.
  • Charging a fair price for my services.
  • Offering people who use my services a clear cost breakdown.
  • Ensuring that my service is safe and follows safeguarding principles.
  • Being open, honest and trustworthy, respecting confidential information.
  • Honouring commitments, agreements and arrangements to provide services and, where it is not possible to do so, explaining why.

My enterprise is well run and sustainable. I confirm that I:

  • Have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Check (DBS) for myself and any workers that is no
    more than 3 years old.
  • Have current public liability and other insurance that covers all relevant aspects of the service my enterprise offers.
  • Have current guidelines on risk management, safety and safeguarding that covers all relevant aspects of the service my enterprise offers.
  • Have a current complaints procedure.
  • Have clear, up to date procedures for assessing and meeting the needs of the people who use my service.
  • Have written contracts with all the people who use my services and/or their representatives.
  • Fully understand the boundaries of care regulation (CQC) and operate my service within these boundaries at all times.
  • Am happy for my contact details to be passed to other network members (not a requirement of membership).
  • I have never been subject to disciplinary or other action (such as termination of a contract) as a result of my poor practice within a care or related role.

Unacceptable conduct

Unacceptable conduct, which may result in removal from the programme includes:

Putting anyone at risk of harm

This includes:

  • Abusing, neglecting or harming a client or their representative
  • Discriminating unlawfully or unjustifiably against a client or their representative
  • Abusing the trust of a client or their representative or abuse the access to personal
    information about them

Breaching confidentiality

This includes:

  • Discussing information relating to clients or their representative with others (through any means of communication, including posting comments on social media like Facebook or Twitter).
  • Having access to or knowledge of customers PIN numbers, bank and credit cards or
    internet passwords.
  • Disclosing anything to anybody regarding a client without their approval.

Forming Inappropriate relationships

This includes:

  • Forming inappropriate personal relationships with your client or their representative
  • Accepting gifts or money (other than wages) from your client or their representative
  • Agreeing to look after valuable items belonging to your client or their representative

Displaying Inappropriate or unprofessional behaviour

This includes:

  • Bringing children or dependants to the place of work
  • Smoking whilst working (including e-cigarettes and vaping)
  • Consuming alcohol before or during work, even if duties require accompaniment to
    licensed premises (restaurant, bar, etc.)
  • Using any illegal substances or engaging in illegal behaviours
  • Using any personal items belonging to a client that are not required to carry out
  • Using any inappropriate behaviour at work, including abusive and foul language
  • Failing to provide a clear cost breakdown of services
  • Poaching or solicitation of clients from previous employers
  • Failing to regularly invoice, communicate clearly with clients and keep accurate and
    up to date records

Regulation and Legislation

For guidance around the regulatory basis on which Micro-provider operate please see: Micro-providers (PAs) working and CQC Registration Requirements

Further Information

The Micro-enterprise Programme fully aligns itself with the standards set out in the Code of Conduct for Healthcare, Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers in England.

For further information on these standards please see the Micro-enterprise Programme – Terms and Conditions or contact us by email at communityenterprise@somerset.gov.uk or phone us on 0300 123 2224

Write to us:
Enterprise Development Team
Adults and Health Commissioning
County Hall

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Next review due: June 7, 2024

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