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Learning disorders. I work with people in education who are experiencing difficulty with their concentration levels in class and with homework or research. I used to have Attention Deficit Disorder and through learning about the disorder I was able to cure my disorder. I was able to do that through Dyadic Meditation, smart note taking, Journaling, active reading, and finding books written by inspiring people. In this role I would expect to build or enter a structure of support for the individual, that may include the parents, close friends, teachers, lecturers, and so on.

I can care for people who have become isolated and disillusioned by life. There is a period, the middle passage, in which people feel stagnation, isolation, or it can be felt as a loss of energy. I work with various methods, tailored to the individual, to help re-engage with life.

Whilst my primary role may consist of helping around the house or escorting someone to the shops, I work in subtle ways to help to galvanise my client’s energetic states.

I would like to have the privilege of working in end of life care. To provide a loving, supportive presence in the lead up to crossing over. I believe I have the appropriate language and ability to help alleviate end of life anxiety. I can also care for people who have become isolated. I know that people wish to remain in the security of their own homes and I can help with that aspect, to provide peace of mind. I will, however, try and encourage clients to socialise.

I am open to any requests that help bring joy and grace to my client’s life. But mostly I wish to be spending quality time with my clients.

I am a personal trainer, an aspiring psychotherapist and a researcher, all of which bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to my role as a care provider.

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I work in 2 to 4 hour slots flexibly

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Phone number07835454583
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Cost information£17.00 per hour

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