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my name is Carly, I am 33. I am a micro provider in Somerset. I am outgoing, funny, caring honest person. who likes to help people. I am very family orientated. I have two dogs who I love spending time with and going on walks with them. I have a daughter who is my world. I like listening to music playing games and arts and crafts. so if you are looking for someone outgoing and adventurous someone to have fun with then I am your girl. if you love going cinema or bowling or shopping ect.. then I would absolutely love to help. if you just simply would love some company or just a tea and chat then i am very talkative and a very good listener. I am also very handy at jobs around the house or garden so i am very happy to help out there too. I love hearing all about people’s history and life adventures. I have a range of job experience history with children to adults of different care needs. please feel free to contact me if you wish to know more or meet up. I have two long days available left and i am willing to workdays or nights or even both. thank you for your time.

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Phone number07772858010
WebsiteExternal website
Spaces availableYes
Cost informationMy hourly rate is £16 per hour on weekdays between 8am - 10pm My hourly rate is £18 per hour on weekends between 8am -10 pm My sleep-in rates are £80 from 10pm – 8am (if woke up 2+times becomes wake in night hourly rate. My wake in night rate is £18 per hour 10pm - 8am My sleep-in rates weekends £90 from 10pm - 8am My wake in night rates weekends £19 per hour 10pm - 8am

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