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Claire @ Care: This means working for the client and their families, to find the essence of the client. Have fun! Whilst supporting you within your own home.
*available for Burnham & Immediate Area*
•This means working in ways that work for you?
•Helping you to stay in your own home as long as possible.
•For example; assisting with your morning routine to get ready for the day or throughout the day.
•Helping to maintain or supporting you to have a tidy home or garden, maybe grow a few vegetables?
•Support you, so your family members can go out or maybe you would like support going out?
•Help with shopping or cooking?
Claire @ Care offers an organised free spirit with years of health care experience dealing with personal, practical and creative roles.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free half-hour consultation/assessment, thank you.

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Phone number07368127773
WebsiteExternal website
Spaces availableYes
Cost information£17.00 per hour

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Help in the Home or Garden

Personal Care

Social and Community Support

Burnham on Sea

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