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My name is Debbie, I am 47 years old and currently live in Bridgwater. I have three children, one lives with me and our Bulldog Milly. I have three gorgeous grandchildren, which I spend most of my free time with. As well as visiting English Heritage and the National Trust Places, I do like learning about history and things of the past. I’m a happy person and I have always got a smile, and if I can help anybody I would, I always have a positive attitude and outlook on life. I have quite a look of experience in care and have been in the care setting for over 15 years. I have worked and cared for kids in care, self harmers, domestic abuse, eating disorders, mental health, babies and people that have acquired clinical, complex care. I have had experiences in palliative care and end of life. I have also worked with people with dementia. I love giving people the opportunity to remain independent in their own homes, supporting in any way I can. Services I will provide : Domestic work, Cooking, Personal Care, supporting with medication or to go shopping, outings and Companionship. I have gained a lot of experience through home care companies throughout the years. I have training in tracheostomy and gastromy care, also in suctioning, oxygen, nebulisers and feeding pumps. I have spent the last two years caring for a small child, which has required this training. I have always enjoyed the work I have done and get a sense of reward from it. I aim to offer the highest and most dignified service as possible to all my clients, who I am lucky enough to look after in their own homes and for them to remain as independent as possible, also to give them the upmost respect. I feel my experiences and knowledge over the years could offer people a sense of caring, safety, independence, someone to listen and understand the support they may require

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Mornings 7-11.30, lunch 12-2, tea time 4-6, bedtime 7-10

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Phone number07789531590
Spaces availableYes
Cost informationPersonal Care/Domestic -7.00 am-8pm : 1 hour -£17 - 45 minutes -£15 - 30 minutes - £12.50. Personal Care- 8pm-10pm : 1 hour-£20 -45 minutes -£17 -30 minutes -£15 Shopping/outings: - 1 hour-£17 includes petrol within 5 miles of home- 45 minutes- £15 - includes petrol within 5 miles of home- 30 minutes - £12.50 includes petrol within 5 miles of home - Sleep in visit -10pm-7am -£100 - Waking Night -10pm-7am-£145. For journeys over 5 miles from service users home a 45p per mile will be charged. For cover on Bank Hoildays, rates will be double the standard charge

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