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I would like to apply for a position of Health Care Assistant that you are advertising. I believe I have the necessary experience and set of skills that will allow me to fulfil the set role to the highest standards.
While living in Poland I have acquired a bachelor’s degree in physical education with specialization in Spa and Wellness with remedial gymnastics. This course also provided me with pedagogy experience and qualification. While studying I have worked closely with children many of whom had additional needs. This has allowed me to learn how to personalise and tailor my approach to each individual and make sure that by doing so we achieve best results during teaching and therapy.
Building on this I have moved on to obtain a Personal Qualification Diploma in the profession of Paramedic. I have worked as a paramedic for 5 years in Poland. This has thought me how to react quickly in the face of an emergency, asses the situation calmly and deliver the necessary treatment withing a very short period. During that time, I have been exposed to countless emergency situations and had to deal with many different types of people. I have acquired above average interpersonal skills thanks to which I could deliver the treatment to my patients. Additionally, this work exposed me to many medical procedures and treatments that I was later able to use to help my patients. Thanks to my medical training and background I am able not to deliver medical care at the highest standard.
When I moved to United Kingdom I have started to work as Health Care Assistant in care homes and residential houses. You can see from my CV that I have a vast experience in working with many elderly and disabled patients including those with mental health problems and dementia.
This work allowed me to build on my previous experience and grow as a health cate assistant in many ways. I am proficient in all current rules and regulations regarding assisted health care and support work. Working in public care homes allowed for more training and for me to master new skills and procedures, while working in private sector allowed for more personalised approach and care tailored to specific patient needs. I have also worked as a private carer several times, and this is what thought me the most. It opened my eyes to the vast needs of patients that often go beyond physical. I have learned to appreciate how important companionship is to my patients and facilitating their daily routine. This is also the time that I have been providing palliative care to some of my patients, helping them during their last moments.
All of the above has thought me a lot and made me realise that helping people is my calling. I believe that thanks to my excessive medical knowledge and exceptional work ethic makes me a great choice for a Health Care Assistant.

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Cost informationMonday to Friday - 18.00£, Weekends - 20.00£, Sleep in - 90.00£, Waking night - 20.00/per hour, Bank holidays - 36.00£

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