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I aim to provide person centered care in the clients own home that is tailored to suit their needs, best interests and wellbeing. I aim to use compassion in my work, being able to feel for someone and to understand them and the situation. i aim to also use competence to understand what the person needs and have the knowledge and skillls to provide it. communication is key and i aim to be able to listen carefully but also able to act in a way that the person can understand. I also aim to operate with courage within the boundaries of the clients wishes. I am committed to dedication to provide care and support but also understand the responsability i have as a carer. My person centered values include:1) Individuality, not everyone is the same therefore i need to be sensitive and open to each individual, 2)Choice: each individual should be supported to make choices about their care and support. 3)Rights:Each individual has the right to speak their mind, to be kept safe from harm, to be respected, keep their dignity and be treated equally. 4)Independence, which referers to empowering the individual to do as much as possible for themselves and agreeing the support is what they need and want. The 5th value is:Privacy, which deems that each individual has a right to private space and time when they need it. The services that i offer include: Personal Care Moving & Handling & mobility Medication Administration Ordering Medication Fluids & Nutrition Appointments, Telephone conversations, Prescriptions Meal Prep & Storage Companionship Adult Mental Health, Dementia & Disabilities Stroke support MND Care Palliative Care & End of Life

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