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I am an experienced and well qualified social care worker, I have worked in Childrens services for 25 years, this is including the 16 plus market which cares and supports young people 16- 24 years of age. I am a sole trader that has a huge amount of experience working with complex and challenging children and young people including all aspects of safeguarding. Understanding the complexities and potential difficulties for our vulnerable young people/adults I am extremley keen to work in our local community offering person centered care/support for those in need. Understanding that each client needs to be assessed and supported in the very best way for them I feel my experience will ensure clients are provided with safe and effective support, ensuring I am enabling and listening to their wishes. During my many years of working in Somerset I have earned a sound reputation within SCC and feel confident that I could work professionally with clients and I have a great ability to engage, understand and indeed work in an honest and open manner. I feel passionately that our vulnerable indidviduals need to feel cared for and safe with the service they are being provided. I feel strongly that relationships forged should be a continous cycle if deemed appropriate and during the most difficult and challenging times the support/care being provided should be predictable and positive. Working in a professional and open mannner with those involved with the clients will be a given, I am very open minded and never hold a grudge. Understanding fully the impact tramau/menatl health /learning difficulties/substance misuse and vulnerabilities have on individuals and their network, this enables me to work positively with not only the client but those close to them. Working within the semi independatant sector as an owner/director I am fully aware of the difficulties some young people have with regard to housing, bank accounts, budgeting, self care, family dynamics, challenging behaivour, self harm, forging positive relationships and indeed substance mis-use which has very much contribted to why I am providing the service I am. I have established and managed successful, profitable and well-rated children’s homes and I have specialised in the care of looked after children in crisis. I am experienced as both a practitioner and a business owner and have specialised skills in safe working and safe recruitment in a high-risk field of work.

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