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I have worked in various jobs including care and support work. Always been in a role where i have worked in the public sector and engaging with communication and support where needed. In care industry, i have worked with/for a range of people of all ages and abilities to help support and meet their specific needs. Some have needed extreme support due to their abilities, illness and end of life. I’m always a positive person with a CAN DO attitude and am passionate in all I do and achieve. I value the people i work for with the utmost respect, dignity and with integrity. Various job opportunities have come along the way from different roles in the community, giving me many experiences with engaging with the public and having a client base of my own through being a self employed cleaner. Giving people a bit of my time and sharing my experiences to help and give reassurance, makes me feel very humble that i have made a difference in their life. I can support and honour your decisions and help support your needs as you choose. Supporting your independence is paramount! I am able to offer a wide range of support services and flexibility to meet your needs that’s agreed by you and your carer. I will go that extra mile to help support you in your care plan and respect your independence. Support I am able to offer are, Personal care, Meal support, Medication support, bedtime support, Support with appointments, Support in daily exercise, Dog walking, Cleaning/deep cleans support, Support in staying in contact with family and friends and Companionship.

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Phone number07526235114
Spaces availableYes
Cost information£18 per 30 minutes, £19 per 45 minutes, £20 per hour.

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