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y name is Sheila Erpak. After 16 years working as a care worker I decided to set up my own micro-enterprise called Sheila Erpaks Home Care Services.
Sheila Erpaks Home Care Services is different to other care providers. I offer you help in whatever way works for you. That includes help to get you out of bed in the morning, up and dressed and ready for the day.
I guarantee I will take time to understand your rules and how you want things done. I promise I will go the extra mile to follow those rules and to support you‘your way.
I know it might be hard to let a carer into your life, to share personal details and give access to all your private concerns. I promise to always respect your privacy and keep your information confidential.

Times available

Mornings, Afternoons. Evenings, Weekends and Nights. My days off are every other Sunday and every Monday.

Service information

Phone number 07842 005278
Spaces availableYes
Cost information£20 per hour for weekdays. £14 per half hour for weekdays. £22 per hour for weekends. £15 per half hour for weekends. x1.5 for Bank Holidays. x2 for Christmas Day.

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