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My name is michelle. I have worked in care for over seven years now both for a care company and within my own right and my company is Shell Cares, as this is simply what I do. The care given is taliored to each indivdual and can change as your needs may also change. This could be a morning call to assist getting out of bed in the morning and getting dressed ready for what you would be doing that day. Having a care come into your home can be a very difficult decision to make as often only family know certain personal details and to share those details with another can take a lot of thought and time. Please let me assure you that information of any kind is strictly confidental and will be kept that way. The person is in charge of your care is you and this is something i believe strongly about and I will always take time to listen and be sure of what you would like and need. Respect is always key, I can get you to come out and about and have the reassurance that someone is always with you. I can stay and be with you, if your main carer has things they have to do out of the home. Staying at home independently is something I am to assist with. I am approachable at anytime that you need to chat about changing your needs and will also be assuring you of this at agreed review times

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available from 7am -10pm, availablity varies

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Phone number0740 2741828
WebsiteExternal website
Spaces availableYes
Cost information£17

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