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I am passionate, enthusiastic, self motivated, reliable, patient, responsible and a hard working person. I also am very adaptable in challenging situations and i enjoy working with people both in a team, as well as own initiatives, while respecting the choices of my clients. My interest about healthcare was piqued when i engaged in providing voluntary services to the elderly in my neighborhood. I pursued this interest by joining a healthcare agency where i took on a support role providing services to people of all age groups with a myriad of needs. I enjoyed helping people lead there normal lives, socialize, and be as independent as possible irrespective of their challenges. I chose to become a micro provider because i believe and am confident that the experiences i have garnered has equipped me to be able to provide these services independently. My vision is to help people achieve their full potential for health and well being across the life span. I aim to be trusted by my clients and be a creator of positive change. The main benefits for my clients would be that they have a familiar face who can provide for them the services required and give them a better quality of life.

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Weekends, Nights

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Phone number07427734445
Cost informationCost of hour or session Weekly cost weekdays £17 £ weekends £20 £ waking nights (10pm-7am) £150 £ sleeping nights (10pm-7am) £85 £

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